About Us

Halal Earth is a platform created to serve the environment by planting trees around the world.


By the year 2025 our objective is to plant a minimum of 50 million trees and to offer hope through the employment of tens of thousands of people in countries where extreme poverty is rampant.

Our Approach

Our planting partners work with local villages around the world that are committed to restoring their forests. They hire and train local villagers to plant new trees that are native to the regions we aim to plant trees in, by hiring the local villagers to plant trees, it allows them a consistent income so they can provide for their families.

The villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them and that results in top tier seedling survival rate to be over 80%.

As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests begin to emerge and the negative effects of deforestation begin to disappear.